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爱莎科学城:融汇中西 创造无限学习机会

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  As we enter the third decade of the 21st century the repository of knowledge in libraries and on the Internet is vast, far beyond the capacity of one person to master. Problems faced require solutions that draw on the knowledge and know-how of people from different countries and backgrounds who have the capability to cooperate and work together to solve problems. This is evident at the current meeting of over 300 scientists and researchers from a large variety of disciplines and nationalities meeting in Geneva at the WHO Headquarters to coordinate scientific interactions and collaborations to overcome the current coronavirus outbreak.


  For the future of our world, it is vital to increase understanding between the great philosophical and education traditions of China and the Western* world. That is, a rich and meaningful education will create learning opportunities that embrace both 'east' and 'west'. For example, where students are exposed to Chinese and English language and culture, they have access to different lenses for understanding the world in which they live. It is when students learn to see things from a number of angles and perspectives that they form a deeper understanding of what is going on in the world and cultivate a more profound ability to know themselves, who they are, their strengths and limitations.


  To solve today's problems requires a strong knowledge base - a strength of Chinese education; combined with the ability to explore, inquire, be open to new ideas, evaluate those ideas, make mistakes, build on what is known, and discover what is unknown - a strength of Western education. Unravelling and resolving problems needs discipline and self-control, that is, hard work - Chinese strength, coupled with a curious questioning mind - Western strength. By combining proven approaches from China and the West ISA Science City aims to provide an educational experience that equips students to be in the forefront of finding solutions to problems facing China and the world.


  * Western here refers to countries of England, North America, and Europe in the nothern hemisphere, together with Australia and New Zealand in the southern hemisphere.

  * 此文中的西方泛指北半球的英格兰、北美和欧洲,以及南半球的澳大利亚和新西兰等国家

  Join us at ISA Science City. Your children will become knowledgeable, creative problem-solvers, inter­culturally aware, digitally literate and effective self-managers ready to lead with an attitude of service, knowing themselves and caring for the world in which they live.




  Mr. Craig Boyce 博赐能

  ISAIEG, Education Director (International)

  爱莎教育集团 教育总监(国际)

  Craig is a practitioner of the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. He is a lifelong learner, holding eight degrees in different majors from universities in four cities; University of Hong Kong, Massey University (New Zealand), Beijing University and Deakin University (Australia). His experience of studying and working in Beijing for many years has given him a deep appreciation for and understanding of Chinese culture. He speaks Chinese fluently. Craig worked as the Founding Principal at KaiWen Academy (Chaoyang) and as Director of Beanstalk International Bilingual School in Beijing. He worked in Hong Kong Chinese International School (CIS) for twenty-three years,including as the Curriculum Director of CIS. Craig made many valuable contribution to CIS and helped it to become one of the top DP schools. Craig promotes cultural diversity and respects individual differences. He believes that learning to achieve understanding across cultures is one of the important goals of education.